Special Events

At the Pediatric Center, we host many annual special events for our residents – events that we believe they should experience as part of their childhood. Both our residents and their families eagerly look forward to these unique experiences. Some of our annual events are described below:

Family Portrait Day

Our medically complex residents often have an uncertain prognosis and we continuously seek ways to provide meaningful connections between family members and their children. Private, on-site portrait sessions during our yearly Family Portrait Day provide a transcendent experience in which children are able to sit, lounge and snuggle with their family members and experience freedom from the wheelchairs and adaptive equipment upon which they typically rely. This special day also provides engaging programming for siblings and a warm meal for families to share. We are cognizant that Family Portrait Day may provide our children and their families with the only opportunity they have to take professional photos. As with many other special events we organize and tailor for our children, Family Portrait Day provides a very typical, yet precious, childhood experience.

Halloween Parade

We love to have parades and make noise here at the Pediatric Center any chance we get, but Halloween is always special as everybody from children to staff get dressed up in funny, silly and maybe scary costumes and march the halls of the building.

Winter Holiday Party

The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center believes in celebrating all cultures and beliefs. We organize specialized celebrations for each holiday celebrated by our residents, whether it means observing the eight nights of Hanukkah or having Santa Claus visit each of our floors. Most importantly, the winter holiday party allows for the families of our children to spend quality time with them in a home-like setting.

Neighborhood Celebrations

Much like how New York City is known for its five boroughs and vast number of neighborhoods with different cultures, our neighborhoods are close-knit communities where the children live and have everything they need in close proximity. While we have building-wide celebrations and events, we also hold regular neighborhood celebrations whenever possible to make each neighborhood as unique and fun as possible.