September 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to a very special edition of our monthly e-newsletter, which we have dedicated to our celebration of “Compassion in Action” at the St. Elizabeth Seton Children’s Foundation and across the organizations within our Continuum of Care: the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, the John A. Coleman School and the Children’s Rehabilitation Center.

You might ask yourself: “What is ‘Compassion in Action?'”

We believe that “Compassion in Action” is love. It’s tenderness. It’s¬†devotion.

It’s about choosing to say “yes”¬†when everybody else says “no.” It’s finding a way to help. It’s being there to help those who need it the most.

This month, we honor those who demonstrate these qualities every day through their dedication to responding compassionately to the serious medical, educational and rehabilitation needs of some of New York’s most medically complex children – children who need help the most – just as Mother Seton did more than 200 years ago. For their “Compassion in Action” we are eternally grateful.

So, what does “Compassion in Action” look like? Click below to find out!

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