Respite Care

Respite care is available to provide short term, temporary relief to families who need some time away from the responsibilities of providing care for their medically complex child in order to nourish themselves. Our requirements for respite care are as follows:

  • A minimum stay of two weeks and/or up to 28-30 days
  • An application signed by the child’s medical doctor letting us know your child is stable to come for respite, serving as a prescription
  • An appointment for you and your child to visit the Pediatric Center and have our physician (M.D.) assess your child prior to admission
  • Review of all insurance card(s); this is a Medicaid driven provision for families
  • Review of birth certificate, Social Security card and immunization records

Once this part of the admission process is completed and your tentative dates for respite are submitted, we then wait for a bed to become available in order to offer your child a space.

The dates you request give us an estimate of what you need, but please note that we cannot guarantee that on that exact date there will be a bed available. During the process we stay in close contact with you to keep you updated as to what dates are available. Please do not obtain flight/plane reservations, if that is your mode of travel, until contacted of a guaranteed space.

Once your child is admitted please bring:

  • All of your child’s medications
  • Clothes sufficient for your child’s stay; please remember, if you would like us to launder clothes, they need to be labeled with your child’s name upon admission
  • Any toys or books your child may need for comfort
  • Their wheelchair/stroller and any braces or other equipment that your child uses

For further information or to request a respite stay, please contact Jane Reinish, R.N., C.H.P.N., Director of Admissions, at (914) 294-6355 or e-mail her at