The Department of Nursing Services provides family-centered care to medically complex pediatric residents ranging in age from infancy to young adulthood. Our nurses are skilled in the care of children with chronic illness and they also recognize the importance of education and support for family members. Our clinical educators offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes an orientation and preceptorship program, as well as ongoing in-service education. Our nursing team consists of nurses with training in specialties such as tracheostomy care, oxygen therapy, the care of ventilator-dependent children, pulse oximetry monitoring, tube feeding, specialized skin care, traumatic brain injury care and palliative care.

Our nursing staff, which is comprised of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants, work with an interdisciplinary team to develop an integrated care plan to ensure that care objectives are achieved through the delivery of coordinated services. The goal is for each child to achieve his or her greatest potential.