Music Therapy Education

Music therapy students play a vital role in the music therapy program at the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center. We partner with students to identify areas for growth and we aid them in developing realistic, attainable goals for development. The training is always tailored to the student’s specific needs and advances are made at the student’s own pace with an ultimate goal of the intern achieving independence and professionalism in all aspects of his or her clinical role. Music therapy students are valued members of both the child’s interdisciplinary treatment team and the Creative Arts Therapies team.

Observations for Students

We welcome prospective music therapy students to spend the afternoon at the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center to gain increased insight into the field of music therapy. Observational sessions last for 2.5 hours and include: a tour of the facility, observation of one or two music therapy sessions and a question and answer session with the Pediatric Center’s music therapists.

Music Therapy Practicum

The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center partners with area colleges and universities to provide on-site clinical training for bachelor’s and master’s level students who are in an AMTA-approved music therapy degree program. Practicum experiences are set up in accordance with university coursework guidelines in consultation with university faculty. Prospective students will meet with the coordinator of clinical training to ensure correct placement prior to acceptance.

Music Therapy Internships

Completing an internship at the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center affords interns the opportunity to experience the richness of music therapy with a unique, yet diverse population. Music therapy interns serve as part of the interdisciplinary team including Child Life specialists, physicians, nurses, social workers, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and recreation therapists. Interns carry a full clinical caseload while receiving weekly clinical supervision from the Internship Director. Interns will work with children on their caseload during individual sessions as well as during music therapy groups, as appropriate for the child. Depending upon scheduling, interns will have the opportunity to participate in daily clinical rounds, behavior management rounds and palliative care rounds, and will also be able to partake in all phases of the resident care plan process. Music therapy interns may have the chance to interact with other rehabilitation therapy interns, or to interface with music therapy fieldwork students. The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center is a pre-approved national roster internship site by the American Music Therapy Association. University affiliated internships are also possible. The deadline for applications is February 1st for internships beginning in July, and August 1st for internships beginning in January. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview and audition. Click here for our internship application package.

Training for Professionals

The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center provides a two-day observation and continuing education program for professionals interested in learning more information about the music therapy services offered. This orientation and continuing education program will engage participants in understanding the role music therapy takes on in a pediatric skilled nursing facility. Topics covered will include: Music Therapy and Low Awareness States, Pediatric Palliative Care, Music Therapy in Rehabilitation, Innovative Uses of Technology in Music Therapy and many more. Participants will gain a wide variety of experiences, including didactic, experiential and observational opportunities. This program is offered quarterly at a cost of $175 per person.

Please contact Kristen O’Grady, Clinical Director for the Creative Arts Therapies, at (914) 294-6251 or e-mail her at for more information on clinical training programs or to sign up for our next professional training opportunity.