Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

“In the tradition of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, we cherish all children and believe in the healing power of loving relationships. As a center of pediatric, rehabilitative and palliative care, we are inspired by her legacy as we join with families in the holistic care of their children.”

Vision Statement

“To continue our pursuit of leadership and excellence by advancing innovative, loving care with transformational outcomes to each medically complex child and family.”

Core Values

Our “Core Values” are the fundamental beliefs we hold. They align with our mission and vision and are the standards we live by:

Respect and Embrace Diversity

  • Every member of our team, every child and every family adds value and is treated equally

Loving Relationships

  • Our community is anchored in love, thrives on compassion with heartfelt care and concern for our team, children and families


  • Consistently delivering our very best
  • Demonstrating outstanding work ethics with the highest standards of personal and professional accountability

Evolution, Growth and Change

  • Demonstrating a positive attitude in an ever-changing environment
  • Modeling resilience, flexibility and openness


  • Working together in an interdisciplinary, team-based environment that promotes the highest standards of care
  • Respectful communication characterized by listening, constructive conflict resolution and concern for the well-being of the team


  • Willingness to demonstrate creativity
  • Solutions-based approach to challenges
  • Eagerness to learn and share