March 2014 Newsletter

While the organizations that make up our Continuum of Care may be diverse in the services they offer, what the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, the John A. Coleman School and the Children’s Rehabilitation Center all have in common is how these services are delivered: compassionately.

We strive to see everything from our children’s perspective and from the perspective of their families. Being in a healthcare environment is never easy, which is why, within our Continuum of Care, we make sure that all of our children receive care that is warm, thoughtful and child and family-centered.

This is apparent in not only what you can see when you walk into our buildings, like our inviting, sun-filled rooms and a staff that cares for our kids as if they were their own, but it’s also in the details. Our unique and specialized care is in the custom brace that was designed and produced to enable a child to stand for the first time and it’s in the patience and the kindness of a Child Life therapist who knows just how to ease a child’s fears when they have a gastrostomy-tube cleaned or need a blood draw.

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