Heart Song

This Valentine’s Day, we need your help to continue to fund our “Heart Song” program!

The rhythm of our lives begins with a single heartbeat.

It is the first sound newly expectant parents hear during an ultrasound confirming they are bringing life into the world

Nolan Gorman was born with a spinal compression resulting in significant mobility impairments and ventilator dependence.* After being admitted to the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, the Gorman Family decided to take an extreme risk and have Nolan undergo a surgery to decompress his vertebrae with the hope of increasing their son’s independence. “We were very scared that he wasn’t going to make it through the surgery,” said Nolan’s mom, Maddie. With surgery scheduled, the Gormans worked with Timothy Doak, a music therapist at the Pediatric Center, to preserve their son’s heartbeat forever in a unique musical composition through the “Heart Song” program.

Listen to Nolan’s “heart song” in the video below.

The Gormans first heard the finalized recording prior to Nolan’s procedure and cried tears of happiness. “Capturing such a fragile piece of a person and putting it to music for a family to always remember their child is an extremely moving experience,” said Timothy. “The end result is an irreplaceable and powerful gift that celebrates the life of their precious child; together, we create a lasting legacy.”

Nolan’s surgery was a success. “The song itself means a lot to our family because Nolan’s condition is one in a million,” explained Maddie. “Combined with his heartbeat, the song is especially moving to our family.”

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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