Delivery of Care

The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center provides a different level of care: we take a holistic approach, with a focus upon the child and their family. Instead of departmental silos, we have neighborhoods and interdisciplinary teams that provide care to our children and support to our families.

Neighborhood and Interdisciplinary Team-Based Approach

Our neighborhood-based structure strives to provide a home-like environment for our children. To ensure each child receives adequate attention and care, each neighborhood houses up to only 24 children.

Each neighborhood’s Team Leader, a registered nurse, works with a team comprised of physicians, other registered nurses (RNs), certified nurse aides (CNAs), respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, art and music therapists, Child Life specialists, social workers and recreation therapists who are all equipped to provide the right type of care to address the individual needs of each child.

We have found that this approach encourages a constant stream of interaction between our staff, our children and their families, promoting important bonding experiences, teaching opportunities and a consistent emphasis on the care we bring to the children.

This approach also ensures a greater continuity of care by enabling staff members to really get to know the children they care. Staff members become more in tune to a resident’s cues, needs and changes in progress. As progress can happen in small, incremental changes and because the majority of our children communicate non-verbally with staff, we have found our brand of delivering care to be critical and highly beneficial.