Continuing Education

The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center and its affiliate organizations (the John A. Coleman School and the Children’s Rehabilitation Center) offer continuing education programs to keep our clinicians up-to-date in their practice with current and evolving research. We provide courses run by highly competent and skilled instructors in pediatrics. The goal is for our clinicians to continue to grow through learning new skills and techniques to treat and care for special needs children. The courses that are offered are in-depth at training therapists in evaluation and treatment techniques to help improve the quality of life and increase independence of the children we care for.




September 2017

  • OFF WE GO: Principles and Facilitation Utilizing NDT

Click here for more details. To register, please contact Nicole Sproviero at For questions, please call Lauri Cohen, Director of Related Services at the John A. Coleman School in Yonkers, at (914) 294-6173