Belief Statements

At the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, we believe the following to be true:

  • Children need their families to be integral participants in their care, in recognition of the unique bond that exists between parent and child
  • Children need to experience all aspects of family life, including sharing and celebrating their cultural and faith-based traditions
  • Children learn by experiencing each moment as an opportunity for learning, development and growth
  • Children need friends
  • Children need adult role models
  • Children are filled with a sense of wonder, a need to be engaged and stimulated, and a desire to explore and broaden their world
  • Children need to experience the magnificence that comes from sensory stimulation
  • Children enjoy giving, as well as receiving, and being valued for each contribution they can make to their community
  • Children love to sing, perform, be recognized and delight an audience
  • Children need to take risks that allow them the beauty of self-discovery, the joy of success and the mastery of difficult tasks
  • Children are drawn to nature and a green and natural environment – a world filled with animals, plants, water, snow and the outdoors
  • Children like order, expected events and rituals
  • Children should have the pleasure of living in an environment that approximates a home-like setting, with elements of a neighborhood community