Clinical Training Program

Clinical experience is a vital component to achieving success and competency in the field of Child Life. We offer Child Life internship positions by application in both the fall and the spring and follow the requirements outlined by the Child Life Council. Those interested in applying must utilize the common application and submit the completed packet by the deadlines set forth by the Child Life Council. Please contact Vanessa Andrews, Child Life Clinical Lead, for more information at (914) 294-6423 or e-mail her at

Please note: Due to the highly specialized focus of our setting, we currently offer an internship of approximately 240 hours. It is strongly recommended for all potential interns to gain experience in acute care by completing half of their total internship hours in a separate acute care placement. This ensures all interns enter the field of Child Life with a diverse skill set to succeed in a variety of professional settings. Interns (and/or their academic program) are responsible for coordinating their alternate placement.